UK Gender Pay Gap Report

February 2024

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

The median gender pay gap is calculated as the difference between median hourly earnings of men and women as a proportion of men’s median hourly earnings.

Our average gender pay gap is 19.5%. The average figure is impacted by extremes at either end, which is why the median gender pay gap figure (3.3%) is so much lower than the average figure.
The quartile analysis shows that, whilst 51.8% of employees are female, there is still an over-representation of females in lower pay bands, with 56.9% of the lowest hourly rate quartile being female.
Indications are that the majority of the gap (17%) is at “Manager” and “Supervisor” levels, while the “Staff” level leans in favour of females (-1.1%).
The proportion of bonus receivers is fairly equal between males and females, with 23.4% males receiving a bonus in the reporting period vs 19.5% females. The bonus pay gap shows that, on average, females earned a higher bonus than males.

At Axiom Hospitality we are steadfast in our dedication to fair compensation, valuing individuals based on their accomplishments and not who they are. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond gender, and we are resolute in our efforts to enhance our gender pay position in the coming year.

We are actively addressing these gaps through a series of internal and external measures, such as:

  • Promotion of flexible work arrangements across our organisation.
  • Ongoing evaluation of our policies to ensure they effectively support our workforce in what matters most to them.

Our pledge is to eliminate this gap by actively listening to and supporting our colleagues in their professional growth, fostering an environment where everyone can excel. At Axiom Hospitality, we are committed to creating a workplace where all individuals feel empowered to achieve remarkable success.

Iveta Dage

People Director

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